How to Choose a Server Provider for Cloud Based Software

There are tons of free servers that cloud software developers can use to create their products. Most sites offer instant accessibility, easy computing, and it’s free. For a lot of clients with cloud based software, this can be very enticing to try and patronize.

However, the business of software development, as with any type of business, needs to be performed using a server that is both secure and reliable. The server you use will be a reflection of how you run your business and you wouldn’t likely lean on a server that is unreliable to serve your clients.

There are times when a client prefers the free servers to access their cloud software. You can still work using these servers along with all its features especially when your client actually requested it. It’s still best for a business to know the characteristics that make a reliable server so you can allow yourself to make the right choice every time.

Server Security

Hackers are always trying to invade systems through the web. Reliable servers have a more sophisticated security system to make their data safe from web attacks. You don’t want your cloud software code to be changed by an invading hacker because they can do anything with it and it would entail even more hours to get it fixed.

The best thing about a server that has limited accessibility is that hackers must find the server first before it can be targeted. Your software won’t be a part of a mix of data that can be accessed in one pool making it harder to access.

cloud server security

Update Patches

Server updates need to be constant so that security issues can be fixed. The patch updates in reliable servers will be able to secure the server once installed. You won’t need to hire technical staff to update the server within which save money as well.

Updates for these servers won’t change the code in the data inside it which means you won’t risk your software being altered by a change in the server. These servers always continue to improve and evolve to stay on top of the industry.

Technical Support

A free server’s software support is through an online community they built where different issues experienced by users are being discussed. Most of the issues are addressed, but, since there is no dedicated team overseeing the server, clients need to scour thousands and thousands of discussions to find an answer to their issue.

Reliable software servers have their own customer support which means clients can directly contact the technical team of the server. They will be able to take a look at the server issue and fix it directly. This is a much faster and easier way to address problems.

Server features

Aside from the security system, a reliable server has more features that cater to software development. It may be in the form of more storage, faster upload/download, and better programming code. Functionality is important in software development and developers would welcome additional help to build their software.

Data Migration

If by any chance, data would need to be migrated from one server to another. The dedicated servers would mean that your software data would be much easier to transfer from storage to storage. It’s also done much faster when compared to data stored inside complex data systems.

Software developers need to consider the performance, security, and reliability of their servers. Although free servers are easily accessed it has a lot of issues that make you doubt if it is the right server for this type of work.

The proper development of software must be done from the beginning. You need to give out the message that you’re providing the best possible software for your client. It starts with an efficient and reliable software server to do your work.

Windows System Restore Software

binary-823334_640In order to understand the working of a system restore software, you have to first understand the reasons that cause the system to crash. Let us look into that in a detailed way.

 Why your PC may crash?

 Your system can crash due to multiple reasons, and the most common cause is the conflict with hardware devices. You have to understand that each device in your computer communicates with other devices through the IRQ. In some cases, when the hardware is not properly installed, they may have the same IRQ number which will lead to conflict resulting in a system crash. Another popular reason is the problem with your RAM. When there are issues with your RAM, it wi lead to Fatal exception error and cause the system to crash. Problems can also occur due to mistaken BIOS settings. Not only this, your system can also crash when the hard disk drives are overloaded. You have to have some space on the hard disk for the programs to run. Otherwise, they will crash your system. Other than that, you have to be very careful about virus attacks on your computer. These will usually erase some data in the boot sector and cause http-71225_640your system to crash. Apart from that, in some cases, your computer can crash when the power supply is abrupt, and the voltage is very unstable.

 How to do a system restore?

 Many versions of Microsoft’s Windows come with automatic system recovery option that is built into the system. It will allow you to roll back system files, registry keys and other installed programs to a previous date as set by the user. However, it is very complicated in most cases, and you will end up losing important data in the process. It requires some technical expertise and not well suited for the common users.

 Yet another latest development in this zone is the Windows Reset and Refresh option available in Windows 8. this will allow users to set the point of recovery and then easily go back to restore the system to that point in case of a crash. However, it has certain deficiencies, and it is not good for restoring data. It also binary-823343_640takes up a lot of space on your hard disk to store the backup. In this regard, it is better to search for more useful options.

 If you are very particular about the safety of your data, it is better to go for Roll Back Rx which is a complete solution to system restore and helps to protect all the data that is in your system. It can easily roll back the system to the restore point even when Windows is not able to boot upand shows the blue screen. It will only take a few seconds to get your system back to its previous working state using this program. You can even set multiple recovery points and move to anyone of them at any point.