Windows System Restore Software

binary-823334_640In order to understand the working of a system restore software, you have to first understand the reasons that cause the system to crash. Let us look into that in a detailed way.

 Why your PC may crash?

 Your system can crash due to multiple reasons, and the most common cause is the conflict with hardware devices. You have to understand that each device in your computer communicates with other devices through the IRQ. In some cases, when the hardware is not properly installed, they may have the same IRQ number which will lead to conflict resulting in a system crash. Another popular reason is the problem with your RAM. When there are issues with your RAM, it wi lead to Fatal exception error and cause the system to crash. Problems can also occur due to mistaken BIOS settings. Not only this, your system can also crash when the hard disk drives are overloaded. You have to have some space on the hard disk for the programs to run. Otherwise, they will crash your system. Other than that, you have to be very careful about virus attacks on your computer. These will usually erase some data in the boot sector and cause http-71225_640your system to crash. Apart from that, in some cases, your computer can crash when the power supply is abrupt, and the voltage is very unstable.

 How to do a system restore?

 Many versions of Microsoft’s Windows come with automatic system recovery option that is built into the system. It will allow you to roll back system files, registry keys and other installed programs to a previous date as set by the user. However, it is very complicated in most cases, and you will end up losing important data in the process. It requires some technical expertise and not well suited for the common users.

 Yet another latest development in this zone is the Windows Reset and Refresh option available in Windows 8. this will allow users to set the point of recovery and then easily go back to restore the system to that point in case of a crash. However, it has certain deficiencies, and it is not good for restoring data. It also binary-823343_640takes up a lot of space on your hard disk to store the backup. In this regard, it is better to search for more useful options.

 If you are very particular about the safety of your data, it is better to go for Roll Back Rx which is a complete solution to system restore and helps to protect all the data that is in your system. It can easily roll back the system to the restore point even when Windows is not able to boot upand shows the blue screen. It will only take a few seconds to get your system back to its previous working state using this program. You can even set multiple recovery points and move to anyone of them at any point.